A Letter from Alidad

I always endeavor to create something very special for each of my clients which will lift their spirits every time they step through the door, and now I am very excited to share the environment which inspires me, and which I call home. I am hugely looking forward to sharing the knowledge that I have acquired since the beginning of my career and be able to offer advice to those who seek it.

The inspiration behind hosting these days at my home came about as I kept having the same conversation with so many people who just did not know where to begin with a project: They were unsure about whether they needed an interior designer, they were struggling with room proportions and how to make the most of a space, or they simply could not choose a colour scheme. I understand each of these issues and am very excited to arm people with the insight and skills that they need in order to feel empowered making these kinds of design decisions.

In my opinion, the language of design transcends specific styles of decorating, from minimalism to baroque the fundamental rules and principles remain the same. I will be discussing interior design and decorating in a general manner so that you will leave filled with new skills and inspiration whatever your preferred aesthetic may be.

These days at my home will be a very unique experience which I believe will be extremely rewarding both for myself and my guests, I am greatly looking forward to welcoming you.