Gabby Deeming, acting Editor in Chief at House & Garden

[I] Have discovered the ultimate therapy. An afternoon chatting with Alidad in his perfect Mayfair sitting room and I am completely restored!

H.D., guest from London

The most touching thing for me to see was the total openness of another human being and to be able to listen and learn from the journey of a timeless artist. Alidad is timeless and his home really is timeless.

Superb, superb, superb!

Sarah James Larsson, guest from Sweden

Today I had the great privilege of spending the day with Alidad. It was a day I will carry with me for a long time and I believe that this experience has even changed me a little – in a positive way. It’s about more than just inspiration. It also affects the philosophy of life. 

Eve de Beaufort, guest from Paris

Thank you dear Alidad for this wonderful moment from another era entirely.

It was an immense joy to be part of this out of time gathering filled with a voluptuous beauty so soothing to the soul […] beauty is indeed good for oneself.